The Experience


Surfing is about soul. The surf industry has seen many greats promoting a lifestyle that is all about the ocean, incredible experiences and the calming and healing effect it has. Traditional surf brands entered mainstream society in the 70’s and have been central to the surf culture ever since, creating clothing and accessories that fit with this incredible lifestyle. Today, so many new, edgy brands have come on board offering something for girls, guys and little people!

At Evolution we appreciate everything that is complementary to this surf lifestyle. We know that down south, the surf lifestyle is so much a part of who we are. The ocean is our second home.



You’ll notice there’s a certain vibe in our stores. We listen to great music, create a place that you want to be in and simply have fun. We get that you want to be outdoors, go to concerts and festivals, surf, skate and bodyboard and think ourselves damn lucky we’re in the perfect place to do that.

Our brands fit with the way of life we promote so we’ve carefully selected a stock mix that showcases premium, on trend clothing, footwear, watches, headwear, sunglasses, jewellery and luggage. It’s our pick of the newest gear and there’s something at Evolution for the young, old and in between… because we believe there’s no age limit to a great lifestyle.



We’ve watched over time as fashion and surf culture have collided. We know feeling good and expressing yourself through fashion is a must. We want to create a place you can find the traditional surf labels you’ve always loved and take it a step further with the carefully selected ranges we have in store.

We’ve got the look and brands that are true to you. Surf labels we have loved for decades are producing fashion-forward pieces and our range of stunning fashion and boutique swimwear labels are the standard of those that can be found internationally.

And for the little people out there, there’s a special place in our store with some super cool looks and accessories that rival those of the big kids!